May 14, 2008

Watching Them Cooking Is Therapeutic

Since I am a big fan of Travel and Living Channel as well as Asian Food Channel, let me tell you about these awesome chefs who make cooking look so damn easy. They are personal favorite chefs from both channel mention above.

Chef Michael Smith who hosts Chef at Home and Chef at Large, who has the most awesome kitchen on earth, they are packed with all ingredients you could ever want...Love it!!

Curtis Stone, he is hot, and he's cooking is even better. And he is single. Yummy yummy. Host of Take Home Chef (I hope he will pick-up we, Malaysians, someday) and the co-host of Surf The Menu with Chef Ben O'Donoghue.

Nigella Lawson definitely do not need any introduction from me, she is famous for her multiple cooking series, and my ultimate Cooking Goddess. (and she has the best cutlery)

Made famous from his Naked Chef days, what I like best about Jamie is he is a very simple cook (very laid back), and try to be as basic as possible (he has this beautiful garden full of veggies)

Last and my least favorite of them all, Mr Gordon Ramsay and his F word.

A little courtesy will go a long way, Sir....


meiyuin said...

purple tongue

Anonymous said...

God save Ramsay..