May 12, 2008

I Failed My Organic Test

This whole 'live organic' thing some how made it's way through my brain cells and for the first time, I purchased my first ever organic labelled product during a trip to Tesco last month.

So, I bought a bottle of the Organic Soybean Milk and get the first taste at it once I reached home that night.

My first reaction upon getting my first sipped was like........ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!

That was probably the most un-tastiest thing I had ever let through down my throat.

And un-surprisingly, it took me almost a month to finish up that particular bottle of soy drink. (It expires after a year) Had my last taste of it yesterday.(with help of some sugar of course.

I confirmed that will be my first and last buy of any organic drink. Au Revoir .


meiyuin said...

now you know how people become skinny when they start taking organic food... they take a month to finish eat! XD

adibah_kasim said...

OMG!! That is sooo true!! HAhahhaha

meiyuin said...

omg, "finish eat", shd hv been "finish it" @@

adibah_kasim said...

don't worry..we always err once in a while..=)