May 8, 2012

walking under the moon light

yesterday, adyla and i had a great time walking around the campus after tidying up IU's store room a bit.

do you know, it's not easy to look for a friend who are willing to take up simple adventures with you every now  and then?

so, adyla, let it be known that i will be sad when you leave. i had thought about this before and i always ended up with tears. (no, i'm serious)

it was a full moon day. 

and the moon shined brilliantly. we ended up lying on the pavement in front of FOE for some time, and gaze upon the stars. and i wondered why i'm so clueless about constellation. i can't recognized the north star, or which one is the venus.

i think those who knows these things are cool. nature lovers are always appealing in some way.

appreciating the world around you is one of the best way to increase your faith. what thoughts enter your mind when you lovingly gaze at the moon and the stars? have you ever thought of the Creator of such magnificent show?

"Blessed is He Who made constellations in the skies, and placed therein a great lamp, and a moon giving light."

[Holy Quran 25:61]

take some time off from your work, and just seat back and relax, and enjoy the nature around you. Allah has provided for us the best kind of stress reliever, and we are not fully utilizing it.

don't turn to anything else. Allah is the best of Provider and Reliever.

Allahumma ameen.

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InkFlow said...

I will miss you too but it's never goodbye forever. ;)

Hopefully Allah will bless us as neighbors in Jannah. amiin.

You'll still keep in touch won't you?

We'll have different kinds of adventures (once we have more $$$)