November 29, 2011

this is one day before midterm

this is me writing a post before midterm. not that i can't study. but, i am not there yet. there where? there as in the studying zone. 

on saturday, i took a bus ride to my hometown. there is nothing interesting about the ride per se. but, towards the end of the journey, one of the passenger, from now on, will be identified as the pak cik started making conversation with the bus driver, who will be identified as Mr Z. i, who was seated not very far behind, had the privilege to listen to their chit chat. and made some mental note to post about it.

topic 1: the malaysian attitude on the road

as a bus driver, Mr Z had been on the road long. i think he is an experienced bus driver, with probably 10 year plus experience of driving  buses. when we reached Meru on PLUS, there was a long traffic, which was caused by an accident according to Mr Z. (i didn't see any accident, maybe it had been cleared). Mr Z pointed out that, malaysia has excellent highways and roads (agreed) but our drivers are apparently not as excellent as the road. some drivers who thinks that they owned the road, are unforgiveably rude, inconsiderate and in his opinion, the main cause to many road accidents in the country. he specially was detailing out how some drivers never ever give way to another car who is trying to get into their lane (cause of slow moving vehicles in the front)  and when this attitude continues (still driving fast even though the car in the front has give signal) accidents that can be prevented happens. 

accidents are nasty. accidents are horrid. people can dies. somebody loses a family member, a spouse, a child, a parent. why don't we think about them? why are we in a rush? everybody wants to get to their destination safely. we all wants to meet our family. so, why, oh why, are you being rude on the road? is your business more important than mine? does your life hold a higher value than mine? what is your right to decide? who are you to think you are more important than the rest of us? 

so for God's sake, drive with consideration. you are not alone on that highway. there are others with you.  it's not a video game where you dies and then restart. here, you dies to meet you Creator, where you will answer for your deed. and after all the good things you have done, people will think of you as that 'guy who drove like nobody's business and killed [insert name(s)] and himself. 

i'm also a road user (driver). i know how we all just somehow switched on that button 'transformed to a person who spits out all sorts of bad words' when you are behind the wheels. when behind the wheel, you are right and everybody else is wrong and don't know how to drive. maybe we should turn off that button for good. i seriously don't want to use those words. so, please, let's drive ourselves into a better malaysian driver. 

p/s : they did talk about many other things, but this post is far longer than what i expected. so maybe i will not dwell on the other topics they discussed. 

however, just for the sake of sharing, i should tell you that most bus drivers have at least three journey (long distance destination) per day. when i heard Mr Z talked about this, i was quite shocked. he was on his 2nd or 3rd trip for that day, and was to continued for another night trip from taiping to KL. if you frequently use bus, try to stick to morning journey, since most drivers will be on their first assignment and i assume, should be well rested. we don't want our bus driver to be exhausted, and risking yours and other passengers journey to their destination. 


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