March 14, 2011

tout ce qui brille n'est pas or

well, since i promised, and one day late at that.

so far, those invoices only inspires me to burn them in the deepest pit of hell instead of torching any 'hidden' interest within me.

i love my morning walk. only God knows the 1001 things that occurs to me during the walk. i shall call it my morning meditation walk.

i have develop a 'tendré' for cheese tart. i have also come out with a religious routine of eating the tart while reading my book every night before sleep. heaven. yes, every night.

today, i finally met a guy (i repeat, a guy) with absolutely no sense of direction on the road, that I, i mean, I, had to tell him the proper direction. never mind that i told him to take a wrong turn at first, i also single handedly managed to direct him back to the correct road. he is a colleague.

i dislike doing audit outside. KL traffics give me nasty headaches.

this internship thing has finally direct me into a line of thoughts. i really need to seriously start planning for what i must do after graduating. no more consequences be damned. i'll be damned if i let that happened instead.

i also think that me and my friends should have stick together at one audit firm to make this whole thing a bit bearable. since, i always ran out of polite conversation after 2 minutes. and who wants to hear my worldly rantings here? besides, silence only feels right when you are in the right companies.


InkFlow said...

I love that last sentence. :)

naskin said...


I love the whole entry. :P

Stay strong Dib. :)