January 10, 2011

a love story

if you are close enough to me, you probably had heard of the title of this post. capitalism: a love story, is a documentary written, filmed and produced by Michael Moore, an esteemed man in his own way.

Moore, who is very much hated by the government and authorities, but should be well loved by the people, for he opens their eyes and spread the truth that many people refuse to see. other popular production by Moore's are Columbine 911 (a true story about a shooting in a school), Fahrenheit 9/11 among many others.

but today i will be writing a short review about his story about the brutal truth that lies behind the economic system that is adapted by many countries in the world, capitalism. this review will include interesting parts of the film, just to spark your interest. well, maybe followed by a little comment by me.

i like how in the beginning of the film, the scripts goes like this (it is better with the video, you get to grasp what was trying to be said faster):

part 1:
"Rome was the largest and the most beautiful city of the ancient world.the magnificient facade of the empire however could not conceal the seed of decay, the unhealthy dependance of the economy on slaves, the disparity between the rich and poor. Behind the splendor of the Forum,were vast areas of crowded slum. Escape from the slums was difficult for there were few jobs available and practically none for the unskilled. To keep idle citizens entertained and out of mischief, frequent games and spectacles were held at public expenses. At first, only chariot races were sponsored. But, by the reign of Trajan,brutal combat to death become popula. Earlier in Rome's history, elected representatives exercised power. But by now, every function of the government had been a absorbed by the emperor who was above the law and ruled by decree. That a people as civilized as the Romans, with the most humane system of law ever devised, could tolerate the violation of human beings is astonishing. The imbalance and irresponsible behavior of public officials would become major reasons for Rome's eventual decline."

noticed how what happens to Rome is once again happening to the current society? you may say that the documentary is in the context of USA, but, let's be honest to ourselves. many parts of what happened to the Romans are very much happening to us as well.

the Muslims of the world. we are in this deep shit of following all the ideologies propagated by the West that we forget to screen them properly before accepting their notions. we forget our roots. we left our Quran on the book shelves. we recite but we never understand. we pray physically, but never really PRAY with our heart and soul. we forget our mission on this earth. as representatives of God. to do right, and prevent wrong. thus, we are consequently paying the price.

part 2:

excerpt of Jimmy Carter address on the Energy Crisis;

"too many of us now tend to worship self indulgence and consumption. Human identity is no longer defined by what one does but by what one owns. This is not a message of happiness or reassurance, but it is the truth and it is a warning."

in the next presidential election, Carter was replaced by Ronald Reagen. During his reign, Carter was considered as one of the unpopular president of USA.

during Reagen's day as president, the household debt of the American people increase to 100% of their GDP. the people was told to live on borrowed money. and, many people got layoff-ed.

Moore's view on Reagen ; the spokes model for the President. interesting. (prior to his political career, Reagen was an actor).

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