August 24, 2010

just another year

today, i turn 22 and i want to be honest. i don't like a pretty big chunk of what i am studying for my degree right now. i only tag along very well and enthusiastically for only very few subjects, and almost all of them are not my major subject. namely, economics, finance and well, i think marketing.

nothing interest me a bit about accounting. today i sit and wonder why actually i took this major in the first place. this brought me back to that one point in my life where i actually made this decision. and that one point was when i read an article in the star education section regarding the famous consulting firm, accenture. that's pretty much it, i jump into this decision because i really wanted to worked at accenture. and i still want to work at accenture for some months or years in my life.

at some point i wish i can drop out and go on a self discovery journey to actually find out what i really want to achieve academically. unfortunately, this is malaysia and your parent will most likely freak out and try to persuade you to go through it anyway. i also honestly believe most people back then actually do what the society expects of them, instead of doing something they genuinely love doing. so, they will probably nag me big time on that. (and then the whole your whole life thing will creepily join the discussion and undeniably the 'i-told-you-to-study-bla-bla-bla-didn't-i??')

and also given the fact that i am on a pretty big life destructing loan scheme to support my studies, i MUST AND HAVE to finish up my studies with flying colours. (that means first class to convert the loan into scholarship) Ya Rabb, i can only turn to You regarding this. may You smoothen my journey.

this post also made me reflect on something. my time in MMU is running out. i only have around one more year to study here (gasp!) and 6 months of industrial training. chronologically (and ideally i must say), it should something like this after the end of this semester;

mid october 2010 to february 2011 : second sem of third year.

march 2011 to august 2011 : internship days

september 2011 to june 2012 : second and third trimester of my final year.

i don't want to leave MMU. i love everything about my university life. from my friends to all the stupid problems that the MMU management raise and the unnecessarily elongated freaking club meetings. but still, life is about moving on to the next level.

looking forward to level up!!


Nona said...


Hm, count me in if you wanna go on a journey. I love to go and discover things too! When I came here, I realized there'a a lot I need to know more! :D

-adibah- said...

sure thing nana! haha, save up yeah ;)