July 27, 2010

green movement part 1

the green movement probably starts back in the 1960's. (in my opinion, the hippies started it) dating back earlier in the history, and back then, still a developing country, america paid a high price environmentally. their rivers were super dirty (one river was so toxic that it caught a fire, check Cuyahoga River for details) the air was full of toxic chemicals and there were even sandstorms hitting places like chicago and new york. these series of events eventually lead the congress to issue a new policy regarding the way they are treating the environment.

ok, enough talking about some place far away, you might ask, why bother about all the events that happened in the past and, those that did not take place in malaysia? well, simply because, i think we are somewhat in the situation where US was at the moment. we have lots of dirty rivers, dusty air, and worst of all, the people with the wrong type of attitude. yes, malaysians and their 'whatever' attitude. (disclaimer: honestly i'm not generalizing here, i know there ARE malaysians out there who cares about the environment and actually doing something about it, please bear this in mind, i'm talking about those who don't obviously)

some earth users make some absurd claims about the actual conditions of earth (take it as they really do not know) some are;

'well, i don't really think global warming is true'

'all these going green project is total crap, they are just trying to con us into something unreal'

'i don't think it will change anything if i do something to care for the environment'

heard this? no? yes? give them some advice.

what can we really do about this? here is a tip;
  • 3R: reduce, reuse, recycle. say it is cliche or whatever you want. this has been proven to work effectively for most people who live by it.
that's is pretty much it. the ultimate tip.

will explain further in my next post in green movement part 2 ;)


Anonymous said...

Salam Kak Diba, I found this through Google:
(5 Ways People Are Trying To Save The World That Don't Work)


Well...Recycling is number 3...

-adibah- said...

wasalam nana,

well thanks for sharing the link. that is interesting. i did mention in my post, some people hold the opinion that recycling is total crap and waste of time.

referring to the example used in the link you gave, i find the comparing of polystyrene to ceramic is a bit over the top. they fail to mention about how polystyrene is not biodegradable, it stays as it is for hundreds of year. (it also has no scrap value, and they are not usually recycled)

besides that, polystyrene is also a major threat to marine life!! all that whales, dolphins, tortoises and dugongs that die after consuming them! T_T

maybe from one point of view, it does not makes sense to recycle. but from the other side, it makes perfect sense.

i think it's important to always remember not to go to the extreme when it comes to saving the planet.

well, i hope people will be more optimistic about all these green movements. do you really want to leave behind a destroyed planet behind for you grandchildren? i remember one man in the TV said 'well, if you can't bother about saving the planet, then don't bother about having children'

'the problem is never as bad as they keep on telling us?'

honestly, do you think it is not? just look at the sungai gombak. have you not witness the effect of terrible environmental management yourself yet?

p/s: thanks for sharing the website, it has some really nice articles. ;)