March 5, 2010

as a famous economist once remarked, in the long run, we are all dead! (what i read in corporate finance chapter 1 texts)

i'm expected to update my blog when adyla-san is bored.

tomorrow, there will be a midterm paper for all accounting students who are taking corporate finance. trust me, it is not an easy subject. as usual, business people like to twist things around and make their life more complicated than it already is. believe me, only geniuses can handle complicated. muahahahahahaha! (high on numbers and formulas and NPVs and EACs)

i wonder why people love to create stress for themselves. life can be simple, but we make it complicated. again, living a simple life will be boring. i do not want that. complicated is exciting. simple is boring. the reason is as simple as that.

there have been quite a number of child abusing cases in the past two weeks. the first was syafia humairah, allegedly abused to death by her mum's boyfriend and the quite recent one was Hareswarra, who also dies of abuse. they are in a better place now. far from being further abused by those who are responsible of loving them. beautiful young souls dying in the most unimaginable way. while some married couples are trying all they can to have their own children, some are abusing their's to death.

what is happening in our society? are we losing our empathy and morality? aren't toddlers and kids meant to be loved and taken care of by us adults? we are violating our agreements with Allah when we we let this immoral behavior taking place in our society. we maybe a progressive nations in terms of economy, politics(question marks), science and technology, but we are moving backwards socially.

that's what happened when everyone just stop caring about each other and got into a disease called 'jual ikan'.

i think i hate politics. politics bring out the worst in people. perak circus bores me. i'm getting sicks of MP's who keep on hopping from one party to another or to be independent of any affiliation to a party. i wonder what is in their mind. do they really keep our best interest in their heart? or their own best interest in heart? i'm also sick of politicians trying to taint each other names. why can't they just work hand in hand to achieve their goals. as someone said; we all have more things in common than difference. sadly, we love to highlight as many difference as possible to create a deeper gap between us humans.

i really want to watch 'my name is khan'. many who had watched said it is an inspiring movie. i hope i'll be able to watch the movie in cinema after coming back from my midterm break. after all, kajol and shah rukh khan are the main cast. hihihihi. anyone in for the movie?

i'm looking forward to my trip to cameron tomorrow with usrah. the last time i visited cameron was 10 years (plus plus plus) back with my family. i told adyla my main reason for wanting so badly to visit cameron. the reason is so off the real objectives and wrong. but still, ngeee~~ XD

that's all for today.


ahmadshaiful@musangbijak said...

Speaking about politics kan,

First, Dibah, why you don't do political activity? Because you are after something else. You don't have time to waste your time. These animal are all contractors. Somebody comes to them and ask them to follow specific agenda, they simply do it.

Second, lets take a look at Medina, before that read this stupid-nonsense-door knob author-article.
i'm sorry to say this, there is proverb say "to lie like a dog".
Their argument, "the Medina “state” should be seen as a purely political and pragmatic, rather than Islamic or religious, construct. The celebrated pact that the Prophet signed with the various tribes of Medina involved the non-Muslims of the city – chief among them the Jews, who were granted formal equality with the Muslims"

Equality? Then what is jizyah?

Dibah, please notice this in the article, "Medina lacked fixed borders, a standing army, a police force, permanent civil servants, government ministries, foreign ambassadors and a public treasury."

What is your response to this? Tell me your points.

My answer is, Why do you need ministers when Muhammad is the best?

The point is,
Go to hell with the big government,
All of our problems arises from a government,
The problem with Iran and Sudan and Pakistan even Malaysia is exactly this,
They tried to make an Islamic Big Government,
Exactly like their effort to make Islamic Bank,
Now here in Malaysia we have a lot of "Islamic" things,
islamic gambling
islamic usury, bla bla bla.

Dibah, try to learn from this man, Mises, the founder of the austrian school of economy,


Do we need central banks?
If there is no central bank then that big government will die.

ahmadshaiful@musangbijak said...

I'm sorry for this very long comment,
But I want to tell you even one thing more
IN ISLAM Government can not even tax people BY FORCE.
Taxing is Not by force in Islam.
Because in Islam paying Taxes is an act of worship.

You think what is the origin of Austrian School?
Mises discovered this,
This is the essence of Mises school
On the other hand,
Mises said: I can prove that nowadays if any body doesn't pay taxes government will KILL HIS FAMILY
Dibah , it is the true democracy
When you are not forced to pay taxes by force then you can control that government,
Now think of it yourself,
Is Solat, praying, done by force in Islam?
No. because it is an act of worship
But Dibah, be careful
In Islam if some body DENIES solat
Then government can force him
But if he says that I perform Solat in my home
Absolutely government can not do any harm to him
Please book mark this
"When you reach a group of people (tribe or village) to assess a tax on them, then stay only at their watering-place (a well or water-hole the most convenient place for stay in desert regions) and do not stay in their houses. Then go to them maintaining your dignity and prestige and when you are in their midst, wish them peace and blessings of Allah and show due respect to them. Tell them that the Caliph of Allah has sent you to collect from them their dues to Allah. Ask them whether they possess enough means to pay the dues of Allah that you may gather them and pass them on to His Caliph. If somebody tells you that he does not possess enough wealth to make him liable to pay taxes then do not worry him and accept his plea. If someone tells you that he is in a position to pay Zakat, then go with him to his house, field or pasture (because Zakat was then collected in coins as well as in kind). But do not frighten him or make him nervous and do not behave with them with undue harshness or tyranny. Then accept the gold or silver which he offers"

ONLY SHOW ME, ONE AND ONLY ONE, Governemnt which collected or is collecting taxes like this.

-adibah- said...

you know, reading the kind of care and details saidina ali put in his instructions to the tax collectors is truly amazing. i believe we do not have a true leader who actually ever care to care for their people and fear Allah in that extend.

many leaders nowadays are so corrupted,fearing only the lack of money in their life, abusing the helpless, which shows that they do not fear their ultimate judge, Allah. reading history, we all know that the 4 rightly guided caliphs never ever touches the public money for their own use.

let's pray for the rise of new generations who are aware of the true meaning of becoming the caliphs of Allah on earth.

regarding the comment about how Madinah is not a realistic model to be followed, because it lacks borders, standing army and all.

but, Madinah did have them all. not in the same exact form we have today, i believe, but the Prophet did established all of these. don't you think so?

ambassadors? how about the envoys the prophet send out to other countries, calling them to Islam, as well as establishing good relationship with other countries at the same time?

civil servants? during the time of the rightly guided caliphs, there were a lot of civil servants assisting the ruling of caliphs.

standing army? was there none? most muslims back then will be fighting for places to be involved in a jihad.

if we truly want an islamic state, Madinah is the model to follow.

there's another line in the article that caught my eyes

'But the Quran prescribes no particular model of government, nor does it detail a specific political programme that Muslims must adopt'

but the Quran did mentioned something absolutely important:

Chapter 33 verse 21

"Indeed in the Messenger of Allah (Muhammad SAW) you have a good example to follow for him who hopes in (the Meeting with) Allah and the Last Day and remembers Allah much."
what other evidence do we need?

ps: yes, there is no government in the world that collects tax like that. if there is, i will move there first. T_T