February 10, 2010

terengganu: chapter 2

continuation of chapter 1 of terengganu.

at the end of the first day, mr bakhtiar conducted a heart to heart (?? i actually don't know how to name this session?) with all the participants. to be quite honest, i believe that this session has produced some good outcomes towards the whole event schedule. i'm not sure if they might have just carry on with all talks sessions if some student reps did not voice out their dissatisfaction towards the flow of event. however, on an opposite side, i feel that some comments and remarks made were just childish.

'oh, i do not want any military like camp!' (military? seriously? waking up early in the morning and lining up is military?)

'crap, can't we wake up at 830am or 9am? i can't wake up at 730am!! my brain don't allow me' (so, we came all the way to terengganu to sleep?)

'i do not want an old man giving us advice. we are the younger generation. the old man will never comprehend to our situation.' (.....)

note: the final remark was heard on the final day. i despised the person who wrote that. absolutely 'brilliant'.

so, this particular talking session was dragged into the middle of the night. nevertheless, some outcome was achieved.

day 2 started off with morning prayer and breakfast. all of us we separated into groups in the prior day, as day two was all about team work. first of all, all group was assigned to a facilitator. during the first session of the day, all groups get to know each of our facilitator up close. and as for my group, we got a very impressive facilitator. a guy with a passion for expensive sports. yes, you read that right, he work very hard earlier in his life(and he is only in his mid thirties) just in order to be able to enjoy the things he loves doing, riding horses and driving old school cars (with upgraded engines of course). he told us a lot about his experiences and the importance of not giving up. he also took efforts to dig as much stories as we were willing to share with everyone else in the group and gave his opinion whenever he sees fit.

while talking, an officer in the camp came in and gave our group leader a small piece of paper reading ' semangat kekitaan or esprit d corps. so our facilitator told us that we were to do a presentation on the given topic. the presentation started after our lunch break.

we were the first group who volunteered to do the presentation since all of us wanted to be over with it as soon as possible. the whole presentation process was a very good experience since you get to know a lot of different views on one single topics. it felt like the gathering of great minds at one moment. i'm truly impressed with what some of the participants had to say about the importance of unity and all. i took some notes but i can't share it with you now.

day 2 ended on a high note. day 3 was going to be so much better! (outdoors!)

again, to be continued, i have to leave my laptop now!!

p/s: i just noticed some crap spelling mistake i did in the previous post. (like 'internal' politics, meant to write international.

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