December 4, 2009

books books and books

this time around, i'll be writing about books! oh yes, so calling all the book worms, read ahead!

last monday, adyla and me, despite all odds, with a lot of last minute decision being made in our plan, traveled all the way to petaling jaya just in order to attend the books sale organized by big bad wolf. we wanted to travel on public transportation initially, but after some rocket science maths calculation, i found out that renting car will be a lot less burden on our pocket (and feet). thus start our journey!

being highly reliable on the google maps to find our way (and forks) to the destination, we manage to reach within 30 minutes. after arriving, we decided to fuel our energy first with some sandwiches (yeah, tips number 1 at books sale, make sure you are full, or else you will end up spending more on books and drained your bank account[s]) and next was Zuhr prayer. duty to Allah first people. always.

and this was when the thrill began. upon the arrival at the sales, the first insane thing i wanted to do is scream omg out loud, but of course, that would be insane so instead, adyla and i just drift towards the stacks (and stacks and stacks and stacks and stacks) of books calling for us since the day before. most of the books were sold for a dangerously low rm8, and i'm talking about new books, (some with slight deform, and you noticed the word 'some' right, so this was confined only to a number of books) and some are still selling in the major bookstores at retail price. the largest selections available was fiction title. sadly, there are not much choices to non-fiction, the titles available at the time we went were mostly about american politics. (not my cup of coffee) i guess all the great ones were taken.

back to the fictions, most books look boring from the surface (of the stacks), but you really have to invest your time and energy to look thoroughly, underneath, above and everywhere to find great books which was (purposely?) hidden. so after 2 hours plus plus of browsing and selecting books, the finalized purchase made by me was as follows:
  • the gathering by anne enright
  • the apple by michael faber
  • freak of nature by phil whitaker
  • the princess diaries sixsational by meg cabot (don't lol, but yeah, lol)
  • only revolutions by mark z danielski
  • pilgrims upon the earth by brad land
  • crossword puzzle collection from the sun
(let me know if you want to read any of it) seven title, for rm50!

so next time the wolf is back, make yourself a hunter! (and make sure you hunt it down)

i'll end with something i read in 'the 48 laws of power' by robert greene, i think this will be a life time favorite for me:
law 10
infection: avoid the unhappy and unlucky

p/s for kak ain: books review? insha Allah soon :)


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