September 2, 2009

the post

pathetic is sipping your nescafe and eating a pack of 'nasi campur' for the glorious fast breaking ceremony in front of your laptop. in front of your laptop, i re-typed. i miss home, i miss my mum, my dad, aiman and the two monkeys. (they are popularly known as my siblings). i'm also missing the luxury of hot shower that you don't get to enjoy in MMU. what else in this kind of weather. cyberjaya is the new(temporary) antarctica before it turns back to being the boring, skin piercing hot saharan desert. i'm exaggerating, as usual.

after a long hiatus, probably due to the fake writer's block i claimed to have, i'm feeling the need write again. hahaha. honestly, i just read something so good, i think i should be able to write something of the equivalent. (???) of what on earth did i read, i'm not planning to share it here. you can im-ed me personally if you think you wants to read it.

first of all, i will like to wish all of my friend, happy ramadhan. not too late, we are only one week through. may this month of 1001 benefits make some of us reflect on our life and make the changes which are necessary, for the better..of course.

two days ago was 31st august, the day that marks the beloved nation of ours turning 52. seriously, i didn't see much optimism about the future of the land from my contemporary peers. one of my close friend(will be later mentioned as the mysterious fb girl) posted something like this 'happy 52nd birthday malaysia! and many more corruption to come!' (i'll re-check later since i'm unable to access her profile now) while for another friend of mine is so optimistic, happy and was singing along to the 1Malaysia songs!! the two are of course, two extreme polar case, but i see more of the first case situation usually. (why am i using the word case, are you both my guinea pig? muahahahahaha) honestly i admit i'm in the same boat with the mysterious facebook girl. this reminds me to what just recently happened in Japan, when the Democratic Party won the general election, replacing the old LDP. if i remember it right, an enlighten political analyst said that the people of Japan are just so sick of LDP that they will vote for any other party that is running against it. regardless of anything. are we not in the exact situation? (last year march 8th, i wonder why anyone should be in shocked)

end of that. let's move on.

i recently bought a book suggested by a friend 'the 4 hour workweek'. first thing first, he should have warn me about the price of the book. lol. secondly, i just have to say, the book is great. the ideas are fresh and inviting. i'm in the opinion that you should read this if you are already reading this post. i can lend it to you if you want.

i am also reading machiavelli's famous work 'the prince' which drag me to me confusion, great quotes and some leadership tips. the book is about how to run a country after all. my favorite so far is 'for man injure either from fear or hatred'. just so right. book owner, i'll return it to you tomorrow. this book really is not for relaxation read.

will write again, when i feel like it again.

p/s : i love my new obsession! haha

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