August 6, 2009

so, i do update my blog

currently at home, it's the midterm holiday. but i am going back to cyberjaya tomorrow. i am not feeling sad having to leave home so early, but i am not happy about it either. the only thing i'm looking forward to is to fix up my studies. i was not neglecting it for the past two month. but i was not paying enough attention, and i was not sacrificing enough time towards it.


ok, that was written a couple of days ago, i left it unpublished. right now, i'm back in MMU, class starts tomorrow, and gladly, i only have one class to attend tomorrow. the convocation is still on. tomorrow will be the last day of it all. misery over. haha.

i just, you read that right, JUST realize, that i have 2 submission and presentation next week. the current WIP on both of it is literally only 10%. (i was about to say zero) i will also be following nunu and fara to Les Copaque this week for their interview session.

on saturday, two of my seniors graduated. to kak wadah and fuad, a big congratulations to you both. the future is all yours, go grab it. :D

just when i thought i don't have to see mr omar anymore, a friend assigned me to help her with something that need mr omar's involvement. scheisse.

i'm pretty bored at the moment, if you noticed, i was heavily on facebook the last three days. wow, i seriously loathe the facebook pandemic.

today, i came across a picture that cracks me up. those tagged in facebook, here is the treat again. those who are not, just read it.

that's all for now. will write again soon.

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