June 26, 2009

the story behind iPoad

i was truly, madly, deeply irritated yesterday. i had never been so pissed at so many people in a day. so, yesterday was a record. for hating so many people in such a short time span.

from this point on, the post is dedicated to the mean lady. (you know who you are)

when you have to do a report,(my knowledge economy subject, still love it tho') and you choose to procrastinate until the night before submission, the case study, which is about iPod turns to something like:

iPod = iPoad

poad= click here (why can't you leave me alone?)

i think i'm the only who can understand this. well, i wrote it. i hope you succeed in finding the truth mean lady.

anyway, i think my report was (not bad/good/very good/awesome). choose one. i just need to be reminded next time that when in doubt, irritation and aching spine, do the report one hour before class. It works miracle.

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