June 15, 2009

i can't stand most music from the 80's (jacko excluded)

hello everybody. yeah, long time no blogging, but you know i'm dead during trimester break right? (that includes no b'day wishes to the 3 lucky lady) what else when the break is shortened. honestly, i'm here today to complain and rambles about everything that is in my head now.
woke up sunday morning and first thing in my head was like..wish bapa on the father's day. little did i know that father's day actually falls on the third sunday not the second, stupid me. so i just ignorantly call bapa and wish him. in the background, my mak shouting ' hari bapa minggu depan la'. point taken.

and yeah, the result were out last thursday, which was a real shocker to me! i mean, no fail when i was expecting at least one??? that is a modern day miracle!

new semester starts today, so here we go again, the ups and downs of another studying period. my classes are only on monday, tuesday and wednesday. that is with six subject. awesome-ness. today classes went pretty well. only when i need a saviour of bad lectures, enter the new knowledge economy lecturer. ok people, i think he is EXCELLENT!! yay, finally someone who can actually deliver greatly on my favorite subject. looking forward to a great (with some bad, naturally) semester with him teaching. the intention of dropping this subject earlier no longer existed in my thinking horizon. (or whatever)

another thing i need to trash about is my procrastinating behaviour. so i have a pretty long list of the 'to-do' list, including some books that need to be finished reading. here are what's on my list :

1)eclipse (yes yuin, not done with it yet =.=)
2)shadow of music
3)the art of racing in the rain
4) u-turn ke jalan yang lurus
5)cat o' nine tales, wani gave me jeffrey archer!!!!!!!!!!!! wth?? [i despise everything jeffrey archer, cause i think he wrote way too many books]

and some reports that need to be done. and there are more that i can't even re-called now. kris' made a song out of his procrastinating attitude (he did not said anything about it, i deduce this myself, apply some philosophy) it's an awesome number, just check it out yourself.

the plan is, to go out tomorrow and watch 17 again at alamanda. (after b****ing about procrastination) rocks on baby. signing off

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