May 6, 2009


friends, i lost my phone today. (aaaaaaaaarrrrrrrgggghhhhhhhhh)

so, please contact me only via e-mail and online messengers for now.



meiyuin said...

what the... how on earth did you do that?? O.o

does that mean you're gonna get a new phone now? :D

-adibah- said...

i lost it at a food court in mmu. heck, i didn't even realize the phone wasn't with me anymore until i wanted to use it.

i guess i'm only getting an old model of a 'brand new' phone.. =(

InkFlow said...

hmm.... wen we on the bus to go to les copaque u still had ur phone rite? you sure u didnt left it atles copaque? maybe give them a call and tell them to check around therE?

-adibah- said... used the phone at hb3 foodcourt before i return to my room, so somewhere in between it went missing. def not left at les copaque or in the bus