May 28, 2009

aftermath economy PAPER

this semester studying strategy was something like this...

finally, my finals are over!! i can't be any more glad than ever. the final paper today was macroeconomics, and the paper is not over yet the moment i'm writing down this. a 3 hours paper, i decided to left the exam hall an hour early, at 11am, as i could no longer stand staring at my answer sheet (ok fellas, i answered everything, not staring at the blank answer sheet yeah)

and in addition to that, i think i got pretty fed-up waiting for this whole thing to be over. personally, this is a very tiring semester of the year, the subjects are tough, the assignment drives you up the wall, the endless theory and equation to be memorized, and to add, the endless extra co-curricular activities...definitely definitely torn into pieces...but it was fun all along..

this final paper today also indicate my last day as a first year student in MMU. a year is over, and another 3 years to go before i can throw myself into the working world. yesterday i received an sms from nudge, who told me that she is scared of what awaits for her during her practical, which is in another year, of course. and ironically, i could not wait for my practical, well for theory-haters like me, that comes quite naturally.

i just told her, its another step you have to take in life, and rest assured, almost everyone go through it. note, almost. 

next semester will be more challenging, physically, mentally and on my pocket too, i think. the schedule had been arranged by nurul, and it turns out that the class on monday is from 9-7pm, non stop....zzzzzzzzz

chou for now, i'll update more soon. 

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