April 14, 2009


first of all..buzz back to mutant. hey, you seemed so unreachable lately. i hope you are doing fine.

obviously..every time i thought i had nothing to say, a rush of thoughts flooded and this is my channel to drain the thoughts, or something like that.

my current status in Y!M happened to be 'stop asking me stupid question(s). i happened to belong in this species who constantly forgot about the existence of google. and, unfortunately, my number one victim will almost always be yuin.(sorry babe) and thank you for snapping me back to reality when you replied with something that reads like "O.o uh? i don't know. go google la." hehe.

next, i had the most embarrassing mark for my Financial Accounting and Reporting midterm, my my...it was not unexpected nevertheless. gone will be my scholarship aspiration if i failed to perform this semester. this has to be the toughest paper so far. and the final exams are visiting us soon, you know. irrelevantly, i am also having this bad premonition that CMU will bar me for rm57. dang, let's just wait and see..(i'm not paying)

that's all about it. (flood?)


najAt said...

yeah.flood your foot.that's not even a pool of water.lol~

-adibah- said...