February 23, 2009

a week

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i'm suspecting this might be a long post, so brace yourself. it has been a long and liberating(absolutely) week without my laptop. i got to finish a book that i bought last year but couldn't bring myself to the last page until last week. that book was eat,pray,love by elizabeth gilbert.(nudge,if you are reading, you should read that too) and i had finally found my favorite, bestest book i've ever read in my life. i bought the kite runner last wednesday(18th february) at mph alamanda. hosseini wrote a masterpiece published in 2003 and i found it 5 years later. but still, better late than never.

on wednesday, nurul and me went out to alamanda to watch the movie geng:pengembaraan bermula, as both of us do not and will not be having any fixed class on wednesday and i did learned my lesson on the fatality of being bound to your room for the whole day in the previous week.

back to the movie, it was a great animation movie and we totally enjoyed it, there was no plot hole or anything that might lured your attention away from the movie even for a brief second.

and on the night before, we watched the curious case of benjamin button. the movie is a slow pace movie, can be boring at some parts, but in the end it was a good watch, not great, the pianist(adrien brody) was great, this was just plain good. i'm thinking the book might be great. and brad pitt was looking like he once did in his youth. i'm warning you.

finally, my laptop. the only diagnosis that the technician gave me was "battery pack was at 0%". and i was charging it like mad prior to sending it in last week. my diagnosis? my laptop miss his old friends back at glenmarie. after all he was surrounded by strangers name dell and hp around here.

well, at least this is a pretty long post from me in this month.

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najAt said...

i've been reading malay novels by this certain writer,hlovate.reminds me of yuna the singer tu.xtawu nape.style tulisan die kot.huhu.