December 22, 2008

resolution 1

as new year is approaching (both in the Islamic and Georgian calender), from now on, i'll be publishing a series of my new year resolution. (i do accomplished some of my previous years resolutions, you, sceptics)

the first one shall be posted today.

i, hereby, pledge that i will not be using any kind of bad, vulgar and offensive words in my blog from now on. This is so that 20 years forward, when looking back at my 'zaman muda' posts, i'll not be condemning my own self for being such a, erm, impatient writer? and yes, this is inspired by all that graceful and timeless pieces written by, what i called 'makciks and pakciks' bloggers out there.

signing off for now.

1 comment:

najAt said...

good one.i think i should do this one too.