December 2, 2008

childhood memories

a few days ago, i received this awesome email from ling ling {thanks ling for forwarding it to me ;)} in this e-mail, attached are pictures that brings back memories of the old days. it made my day, i have to say.

our low taste junk food, you would have felt so happy when you bought one of this back then.

collecting eraser was one of the most popular hobby. and the one which drove your mum nuts too. it came in many shapes, sizes and prints. the more you have, the better.

Quote from my mum "kamu nak pemadam banyak-banyak buat apa???!! buat habis duit mak je! duit mak bagi suruh makan bukan untuk beli pemadam."

favorite cartoons back then, the one on top of my list was dragon ball. i remember i cried like a child (err..well) when my dad announced we were going to visit my grandparents, and we left home 9 am saturday morning. (dragon ball starts at 9.30am bapa, zzzzzzz)

and not thanks to popeye, spinach is my favorite veggie now.

remember this state-of-the-art pencil box? i called it magnetic pencil box. everyone wants one!!

i actually had this penguin thing once. it disappeared one day. this was high-tech to kids at our time.

paper game. extremely complicated. can't remember what it is called. this one was after exam fave game among school students. prepared the night before meeting your classmate in, well, class. all folded informations are private and confidential until the time is right to revealed it.

tora, $0.20. chocolate ball treat inside. not forgetting, the real purpose of buying it. (extremely dangerous to health) tagline : Tora datang lagi!!

it makes me wonder how i got thrilled with these games once. there's just a blah feeling when i'm playing it now. lol. snap was always the best tho'. SNAP!!!!

everyone's favorite rest time treat. undoubtly, only the sweet and colorful icing top of the biscuits were eaten.

pre-Sony PSP years.

hands up to those who never played Super Mario.

"Thank you Mario! But our princess is in another castle!!"


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