November 23, 2008

yoga : how haraam can it be?

So yoga is finally declared unlawful for Muslims, thanks to the National Fatwa Council. i think it is crystal clear that all of us non-Hindus are actually looking for a way to de-stress ourselves when we signed up for yoga class. i'm sorry, but i doubt my faith in Oneness of Allah (Tauhid) can be shattered with a commercialized form of exercise that happens to bring health benefits to the practitioners. Err..don’t judge a book by it’s cover, did you forget?


Janice Lee said...

Hey...remember me?Hui Hsin...haha!Ur blog is quite interesting!!Do u mind if i link u in my blog?:)

cik najaTOL said...

those old guys who said yoga is haram can get off their lazy asses and start doing a lil bit yoga themselves.
my mother practices yoga everyday and last time i checked (which was a nanosecond ago) she's still a God-fearing muslim who has less painful joints since she started yoga compared to her before the yoga which is a God-fearing muslim with painful joints.