November 18, 2008

making sense

it puzzles me, as why do we need to change the existing road names in the country. i really do not want to say anything about it, until recently the Pakatan Rakyat governed state, Perak, that is where I lived my whole life, propose to rename the Silibin Road to P.Patto Road. And, you might wonder, what or who is this P.Patto? Apparently he was DAP stalwart, according to The Star

Mind you, Silibin Road is not just another road in Ipoh, it is one of the hot spot (not wifi hotspot la) in Ipoh to the residents, or ex-residents like me. There are great food stalls and restaurants in this area, and of course, the much beloved pasar malam too. (Not forgetting my favorite dentist, and no, I don't go to her anymore) I don't find anything to hate in the name Silibin, in fact it is a sexily mysterious name. (god knows what it means)

Apparently a small number of Malaysian love to waste their time, money and love to waste others time and money by changing road names without a purpose.(And why do some lovable Malays, voice their opinions out-oh-so loudly protesting to multilingual road signs? helping tourists who are not Malay language literate to find location apparently make you less of a Malay, I presume)

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