May 9, 2008

Movies that makes ME cringe..never will I watched them twice...

The last movie I watched that infinitely make me wanna vomit all the digested food out of my oesophagus was Sweeney Todd : The Demon Barber Of Fleet Street. (or whatever the title was) And, no, it is not because it is a musical flick. Musical movies are mostly good, at least to me.

Well, here's my very own review on the movie. The first quarter of the movie was undoubtedly good if it was not excellent. I was honest when I told you that,Yuin. However, the movie started to take an opposite turn the moment Depp's character truly when DEMON. Mr Todd was so devastated after finding out his wife and daughter can no longer be with him, and granted himself the license to kill. And his' victims are roasted in a super large oven and become 'meat supply' for Mrs Lovett (or whatever) scrumptious meat pie. That seals it for me, why on earth anyone would want to make such a disgusting plot for a movie in the first place is questionable. Well, you might be saying, it is just a movie. The movie ends terribly, or maybe, actually it ends well, as Mr Todd finally murdered his own wife (she was not dead then, but now, yes) and he himself was murdered by another young boy.

The second movie that I think is totally not worth any of your time is 'Eternal Sunshine of A Spotless Mind'. The movie featured Jim Carrey and Kate Winslet as the leading roles. I watched it on HBO, and I was suffering from migraine towards the end of the movie. It was such a horrendous 2 hours for me as migraine took over my consciousness.

There is a third movie, it was even worse than the two I mention above, but I totally can't recall the exact title of the movie, (all I can remember is the movie was a Canadian low budget movie about a guy who gambled) I guess it was too damaging for my brain cells that my hard drive up here decided to permanently removed it from my memory. It was...............................................................

Note : Well, just keep in mind, to each his own.

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meiyuin said...

how does mr todd killling his wife be any well for an ending?!??!?!? @.@